Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting settled

So here I am, attempting to get settled into a new position at a new far so good. One of the things I get to realize is that it takes a lot of time (and a lot of headaches) to transition from one place to another, and here's why:
  • Moving - who knew we had so much stuff? Moving is a hassle. Just a small example: I couldn't find my jacket. It was just a light duty jacket that I didn't think I'd need in early May, but sure 'nuff, it has been cold and rainy. Lotta stuff.
  • New faces - I'm preparing myself to introduce myself to someone for the fourth time, only to be embarrassed by the person's reaction, not to mention those standing around me. It's tough to meet a lot of new people, especially when they all know you.
  • New setup - I've got a new computer to match the new job, but that can be like importing a headache. Some of the downloads aren't working right, and the wireless still isn't connecting. If you're a Mac user, you have my permission to lecture me on the reasons why Mac is better than PC...just don't expect me to listen to you. If your Mac cost about two grand less I might have an open ear. Suffice it to say that whatever time you think it will take to set up computer-related things, double it. Better yet, triple it.
Those are only a few things, but there are also several benefits. I don't think that God wants us to be too comfortable in life. Comfortable people don't do much. They just sit there while the world slips away. If you think you may be comfortable, do something to "fix" your situation. I'm fully expecting to be stretched in ways I never dreamt. My plan is to whine to God along the way (but in a good way, if there is one). So I'm happy, ready to grow, and ready to gripe when things get out of hand. It's the Christian thing to do, right?